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June – 2018

330 High St – Ash

We are seeing an increase in the presence of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) on campus.  It seems this tree is a victim of EAB.

College Row – Elms (2)

It appears that we have 2 more victims to the dreaded Dutch Elm Disease.  We have been treating our elms annually to try and prevent Dutch Elm, but there is only so much we can do.  These 2 trees will be removed ASAP.  We will continue our planting of Hybrid Elms in an effort to continue to maintain, and build, our Elm population.

March – 2018

A strong wind and rain storm blew through campus on Friday, March 2nd.  Several trees were blown over, and some large branches were snapped off.  Below are a few images of trees we lost, as well as one large White Pine in the CFA, that suffered significant structural damage.

CFA – White Pine

A large leader off of this White Pine, snapped and fell in the strong winds.  The loss of the leader left the tree structurally compromised.  The tree was completely removed.  Plans are already in the works for a replacement.

November 2017

During a recent storm there was significant tree damage around campus.  Below are a few trees that were impacted during the storm.


Clark Hall – 

You can see from the photo that tree is leaning dramatically.  The root system on the tree was compromised, and is not safe to leave standing.


C-Lot – 

One of the two main leaders on this tree fell during the storm.  The remaining tree is unbalanced and will be removed for safety.


163 High St –

This tree has been in decline for some time, and lost another leader in the storm.  All signs indicate the tree has deteriorated beyond saving.


344 Washington St – 

These trees are in serious decline, and stand between two residences.  After noticing a few limbs that fell in the storm, we investigated further and found that they need to be removed entirely.

Summer 17 – Round 2

Campus Wide

This is our second round of tree removal for the summer.  In most cases, the trees will have to be removed because they are dead, or dying, and pose a hazard to the community.


230-240 Washington St.

Long Lane

202 Cross St

34 Lawn Ave

Olin Library – This tree is one of our beloved Elms.  Unfortunately it has Dutch Elm disease.

CFA – T-Lot

Summer Tree Removal

Campus Wide

We are starting to see the impact that 2 years of drought has had on our campus tree canopy.  Pictured below are photos of the trees to be included in our first round of removal this summer.  Many of these trees are completely dead, others have shown steady decline, and have become hazardous to the community.

In preparation we planted over 40 trees this Spring, more to come in the Fall.


Upper Long Lane Athletic Fields

Foss 8

Long Lane Property

Foss Hill


Foss 1






202 Cross St

January 2017

Butterfield Complex – 1-10-17

On the West side of Butterfield C we will be pruning, and removing, a number of trees.  All of these removals are due to either structure clearance or failing health.  Many of the trees are too close to the building, this creates many risks, including limbs or entire trees falling onto the building.

Butterfield1 Butterfield2 Butterfield3 Butterfield4

October 2016

CFA – Ash Trees (4)

In the main courtyard at the CFA, we have to remove 4 Ash Trees.  These 4 have been in decline for several years.  Recently a large branch fell across the sidewalk, and so 4 Trees will have to be removed.

10-13-16 - CFA - 4 Ash - 1 10-13-16 - CFA - 4 Ash - 2 10-13-16 - CFA - 4 Ash - 3


CFA – Beech Tree

This tree, on the North side of World Music, has dropped some large branches recently.  Much of the dead wood was pruned out for safety, and not much of the tree remains.  Unfortunately this tree will have to be removed.

10-13-16 - CFA - Beech 1



Foss Hill – Red Maple

This tree was recently planted on Foss Hill.  As shown in a previous post, we had to remove a large Oak that was struck by lightning on 8/11/16.  Stonehedge Landscaping provided this beautiful tree free of charge!

Foss Maple - 2 Foss Maple - 3 Foss Maple - 4 Foss Maple - 5

I know this Blog’s purpose is to inform the community about tree removals but I couldn’t help sharing how much work we have done recently to restore our tree and shrub population.  Please click on the link below to see an image that shows everything we have planted since 2014.  Almost 200 plants!


Tree Planting History – 9-6-16

August/September 2016

August/September 2016

300 High St. – Unfortunately the large Beech tree at 300 High St will have to come down.  The tree is in severe decline and recently lost a large limb above the sidewalk.  There is a lot of deadwood in the tree and the proximity to the building and the sidewalk is concerning.

9-19-16 Beech at 300 High1 9-19-16 Beech at 300 High2


22 Woodman – The maple tree shown below was badly damaged in the August 11 storm.  What is remaining will have to be removed.

9-6-16 22 Woodman 1


41/43 & 47 Brainerd – There were several trees in the adjoining backyards that were badly damaged by the August 11 storm.  What is remaining will have to be removed.

9-6-16 41 Brained2 9-6-16 41 Brainerd1


Foss Hill – One of the largest Oak Trees on our campus was struck by lightning in the August 11 storm.  For safety reasons this tree will have to be removed.

9-6-16 Foss Oak29-6-16 Foss Oak1


Davidson Arts Center – A large Birch Tree in the NE corner of the South side patio will have to be removed.  There is significant rot at the base of the tree.  The risk of collapsing on the building is too high to leave the tree standing.  We had hoped to just do an extensive prune, unfortunately not much of the tree would remain.  Sadly, this tree will have to be removed.

9-6-16 DAC Birch whole tree1 9-6-16 DAC Birch1 9-6-16 DAC Birch2


77 Home – As you can see the tree dropped some limbs in the August 11 storm.  Much of the remaining tree has to be removed for building clearance.  This would leave very little left and so the tree has to be removed.

9-6-16 77 Home1


330 High Street – Unfortunately we have lost another Elm to what appears to be Dutch Elm Disease.  This is a very large tree, with very large limbs.  This tree has to be removed.

9-6-16 Elm 330 High1


On August 11 Wesleyan had an extreme thunderstorm that dropped over 5″ of rain in under two hours.  Alongside the rain was an extravagant display of lightning.  All of this adds up to some serious damage to our tree population.  Due to the nature of the storm, I was unable to make a posting for all the removals.  In lieu of that posting, please see below some of the images of what the storm left behind.

Birch Cross St Birch Cross St2 Birch Freeman Cross St Limb Maple Fountain Ave Maple Pine St Pine Cady Pine Washington St Sky Morning After

December 2015

300 High St. – Cedar

This tree was split almost to the ground and had to be removed for safety reasons.

1-5-16 Cedar 300 High


269 High St – Maple

This tree showed severe rot on the side closest to the house.  Over its life the tree had lost many limbs and its main leader.  Most of the remaining tree was hanging over the house.  We lost a similarly aged maple in the same location, in a storm last spring.  All of these factors dictated that the tree be removed before it fell, likely onto the house.

1-5-16 Maple Pres House


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