CFA Tree Removal

CFA – Beech This tree has been struggling for several years, and now needs to be removed. CFA – Norway Spruce This tree was hit by lightning several years ago, and is now starting to show signs of decline.  With the tree’s proximity to sidewalks, this tree needs to be removed.

October 2021

The following trees are scheduled for removal in the coming weeks, for various reasons. 212 College St – Ailanthus These types of trees are incredibly invasive and need to be removed when possible.   East Asian Studies – 4 Hemlocks These 4 Hemlocks have been taken out by the Wooly Adelgid.  They will be removed. … Read more

Olin – Elm

Olin Library – Elm We have been trying to keep this Elm alive for several years, unfortunately it is time to have it removed.  We have fertilized it and treated it for Dutch Elm every year in recent history.  The tree was tested for Dutch Elm and no Dutch Elm disease was found.  It’s a … Read more

July 2020

284 High St – Elm This Elm has bee infected with Dutch Elm Disease and needs to be removed.   Butterfield/Huber Ave – Norway Maple This maple has serious decay at the base of the tree.  Due to the tree’s proximity to the Butterfield Dorm Complex, this tree needs to be removed. ‘   170 … Read more