VVO-Foss 7

This tree on the bank between VVO and Foss Hill 7 has been losing branches for years. Now the center is dead, and we will remove the tree this spring or summer.

Court St. Apartments

While pruning other trees in the area, this tree came to our attention as a potential problem for vehicles in this lot. We will plan to remove the tree this summer.

Take Downs Spring 2007

This maple is next to and over an area that is heavily used by both student pedestrians and vehicle operators. It has lost much of it’s support structure, and needs to come down very soon. Planned for summer removal if the condition does not deteriorate further.

Emergency Sewer Dig

Due to a plugged sewer line running under this tree, we have to take down the tree to put in a new line. This is 134 Mt Vernon St.

Butterfield Tree

This Norway maple is exhibiting signs of rotting from the inside out. It is in a high traffic area, with students congregating in the area, and is a high hazard. We will remove this tree soon. We may replace it with a specimen tree at a later date.

DCC Tree

This large maple has been pruned several times, and hs progressed to the point where it is not worth keeping, as it continues to decline. It is rotting from the inside, and will be removed this winter/spring.

Butterfield Hornbeam

The Hornbeam (ironwood) trees in the Butterfield complex are reaching the end of their lifespan. They are planted too close to the buildings, and are in decline. We will try to preserve as much as possible, but will not leave a malformed, unsightly plant. If they are removed, we will be researching a replacement plant.

156 High St

When the crew used a lift to clean the gutters of this building, they found that they could look down into the bole of the tree. It is rotting from the inside, and has become a hidden liability and safety concern.