Emergency Removal

One of our remaining elms on the main campus has contracted Dutch Elm desease, and needs to be removed immediately. The elms near the infected tree will be prophylactically pruned and cleaned, in an attempt to keep any more trees from dying. The work should be done on Monday, June 25.

VVO Maple

A medium sized maple at VVO is in decline. To save money and maintain safety in this area, the tree will be removed as we do safety work in this part of campus.

Bad Tree, Bad Roof

This tree at 203 Pine St. has been allowed to grow too near the house for too long. Now the roof has to be replaced, and the tree taken down. This will happen on Monday, June 11.

VVO Dead Maple

This tree died last winter. We will remove it this summer, before it becomes a liability.

1 Long Lane

The trees at 1 Long Lane have overgrown the area by the house, and they are causing mold and mildew to form on and in the house. The trees will be removed this summer, before a new roof is put on.