Bad Tree, Bad Roof

This tree at 203 Pine St. has been allowed to grow too near the house for too long. Now the roof has to be replaced, and the tree taken down. This will happen on Monday, June 11.

VVO Dead Maple

This tree died last winter. We will remove it this summer, before it becomes a liability.

1 Long Lane

The trees at 1 Long Lane have overgrown the area by the house, and they are causing mold and mildew to form on and in the house. The trees will be removed this summer, before a new roof is put on.

330 High St. Hemlocks

The last of these hemlocks are giving up the ghost. While others on campus are holding their own, I will have to remove these.

Court St. Apartments

While installing a new fence behind the apartment building, we discovered that the hemlocks in the rear of 268 Court St are declining. Also, a dead top blew off in the last storm. This will be addressed next week, as it presents a danger.

Russell House Beech

After years of decline from Beech Bark disease, it is time to remove this tree. There is no known chemical inoculation for this disease, so when a tree contracts beech bark disease, it is a death knell. The wood will be recycled to become fuel and/or mulch.