February 2019

*Tree Planting* – Planning is underway to replace all the trees listed below.  When applicable, these trees will be replaced by a similar species in a close proximity.  Our hope is that, while we may lose one tree, we can bring it back to life somewhere else.


Foss Hill – Sugar Maple

This Sugar Maple has been in decline for some time and needs to be removed.  The tree has lost numerous large limbs over the last few years, and is mostly hollow.


Power Plant – Sugar Maple and Ash

This sugar maple lost a few large limbs in the recent ice storm.  The loss of limbs alerted us to the fact that this tree in mostly dead, and needs to be removed.

This Ash tree shows an obvious presence of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).  As a result of EAB, the tree is dead and needs to be removed.


Shanklin/Hall-Atwater – Oak, Cedar, Norway Maple

This Oak has been in decline for many years, and needs to be removed.  The main leader has broken off, and there is an obvious amount of tip die-back.

This summer many of the sidewalks to the east of Shanklin and Hall-Atwater need to be replaced.  The Norway Maple and Cedar, shown in the picture below, are very close to the sidewalk and will be compromised by the construction.  They will need to be removed.


Malcolm X – Ash

This ash tree is almost completely hollow, and there are obvious signs of rot.  This tree needs to be removed.

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