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Church St. Removal

The large maple at the corner of Church and High has a split in the trunk, and will be removed Wednesday, June 2.

MoCon – Preliminary

Due to the removal of MoCon, several trees around the building must be removed, to make the area safe to work in.

Prunings, takedowns and cleanup from 130 t0 170 Mt. Vernon.

These two dogwoods are directly on top of the trench for the storm sewer repair, and must be removed. They will be replaced with a new planting in the spring.

Birch at Mal X

This birch has been decimated by birch leaf miner, and will be removed after 30 days.

Spruce at Fim Studies

This spruce is in the final stages of dying, probably from construction a couple of years ago, and will be removed this summer.

This maple is dying from suspected verticilium wilt. It is terminal, and will be removed this summer.

Dutch Elm

This elm has contracted Dutch Elm disease, and needs to be removed immediately.

164 Court St.

This cherry tree is leaning towards the house, and the roots are giving way. Although it is not a hazard, we will watch and be ready to remove it if the conditions warrant.

American Elm on Campus

A very large elm tree in front of 92 Theater split apart on Saturday, September 22, during the football game with Middlebury. Although that did not alter the outcome of the game, it did make me very sad. The problem was a weak crotch, and the health of the tree worked against its continued survival. As the limbs on one side got heavier, the trunk split, and one side fell to the ground. A crew responded to campus, and relieved the dangerous situation. The rest of the tree presents a danger, because all of the weight is on one side, so the remainder of the tree will be removed this Saturday.

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