Roof Hazard

This beech has been saved and pruned many times, and now must be removed to allow a new roof to be applied.

Broken Larch in CFA

This large larch was broken by the wind this week, and needs to be removed ASAP. It cannot remain like this for another storm. It is located near Zilkha Gallery.

New Dorm

The house at 231 Pine St. is being replaced by a new upper class housing unit. To do that, some of the trees around the site must be removed. Some of the removals are dying, and care will be taken to preserve as many of the remaining trees as possible.

Poor House!

This maple was planted too close to the house, and is causing structural damage, it is in the way of repairing the steps and installing a drain down the hill, and will be removed in August.

Once Beautiful Redbud

This once beautiful eastern redbud has finally succumbed to the ravages of the fir at Mystical Seven. It will be removed when the building is moved to its new location next month.

Emergency Removal

One of our remaining elms on the main campus has contracted Dutch Elm desease, and needs to be removed immediately. The elms near the infected tree will be prophylactically pruned and cleaned, in an attempt to keep any more trees from dying. The work should be done on Monday, June 25.

VVO Maple

A medium sized maple at VVO is in decline. To save money and maintain safety in this area, the tree will be removed as we do safety work in this part of campus.