October 2021

The following trees are scheduled for removal in the coming weeks, for various reasons.

212 College St – Ailanthus

These types of trees are incredibly invasive and need to be removed when possible.


East Asian Studies – 4 Hemlocks

These 4 Hemlocks have been taken out by the Wooly Adelgid.  They will be removed.


Foss Hill – 2 Beech, 1 Red Maple, 1 Hemlock, 1 Honey Locust

These trees are all in various stages of decline.  The top of Foss Hill can be very difficult for our tree canopy.  Sun and wind exposures are very high, making the trees vulnerable to pests, and environmental stresses.


132 High St – 1 Sugar Maple, 1 Norway Maple, 1 Black Walnut Twin

The 2 Maples here are dead and need to be removed.  The Black Walnut has very poor structure and needs to be removed as well.


77 Home Ave – Japanese Maple

This tree is completely dead and needs to be removed.


38 Brainerd – Spruce

These 2 trees are dead and need to be removed.


Lawn Ave – Pin Oak

This very large tree is extremely close to the building and is destroying sub-surface drainage for the Butterfield Complex.  This tree needs to be removed to reduce damage to the building, and reduce flooding in areas interior to Butterfield.


Public Safety – 1 Sugar Maple, 1 Norway Maple

The Norway Maple here is completely dead, the Sugar Maple is in a bad state of decline.  Both of these trees will be removed.


Washington Terrace – Sugar Maple

This tree is completely dead and is adjacent to the city sidewalk, it will be removed.


23 Woodman – Sugar Maple

This tree is weak structurally and needs to be removed.  The tree is very large and is close to the house.

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