Hot Water Project – Phase 2 Tree Removal and Relocation

Hot Water Project – Phase 2 Tree Removal and Relocation

In coordination with Phase 2 of the Campus Hot Water Conversion Project we will be relocating 5 trees from the McKelvey Green on College Row.  These 5 trees are trees that were planted within the last few years and have a great chance to be relocated successfully.  In addition to these relocations, 2 Pear trees will be removed to allow for the pipe installation.


College Row – Pears (2)

The two Pear trees in the image below are too large to be relocated and will be removed for hot water pipe installation.


College Row – Accolade Elm

This Accolade Elm will be relocated to the area SW of Foss 8.  This area has lost a few large trees to storms over the last several years.  The Elm will have plenty of room to grow and thrive in it’s new home.


College Row – Linden

This Linden will be relocated to the NE corner of Foss 7.  We lost a large tree to a windstorm here last year.


College Row – Red Maple

This Red Maple will be relocated to the SE corner of Foss 8.  Several large trees were removed from this area several years ago.  The Red Maple will anchor the corner of Foss 8 and will have great conditions to grow and thrive.


College Row – Red Oak

This Red Oak will be relocated across the sidewalk to the west of the Red Maple listed above.  Again this is an area that has lost several trees over the past few years.  The Oak will have plenty of room to grow and will be a great addition to the tree canopy along the Admissions tour route.


College Row – Sugar Maple

This Sugar Maple is striking in Fall and would make a great addition to any large open space around campus.  This particular tree will move to the North side of the Foss 5 Lounge.  Again we have lost several trees in this area recently and this Sugar Maple will be visible from the Admissions tour route, as well as any vehicles traveling on Foss Hill Drive.


Additional Photo

The image below gives a better indication of where 4 of the 5 trees are currently located.  The new hot water pipe will run along this tree line.


The great part about locating these trees is that we get to revitalize other areas of campus in coordination with the project.  Additionally, once Phase 2 is complete, trees will be replanted on College Row.

Linked below is a map that summarizes the new locations for the trees, as well as some other tree planting/relocating that will be completed over the next couple of months.

Relocation and Planting Map 4-22-21

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