Olin – Elm

Olin Library – Elm We have been trying to keep this Elm alive for several years, unfortunately it is time to have it removed.  We have fertilized it and treated it for Dutch Elm every year in recent history.  The tree was tested for Dutch Elm and no Dutch Elm disease was found.  It’s a … Read more

July 2020

284 High St – Elm This Elm has bee infected with Dutch Elm Disease and needs to be removed.   Butterfield/Huber Ave – Norway Maple This maple has serious decay at the base of the tree.  Due to the tree’s proximity to the Butterfield Dorm Complex, this tree needs to be removed. ‘   170 … Read more

December 2019

The following trees are scheduled for removal:   Exley – Sugar Maple – This tree is in severe decline.  Many limbs have dropped in recent months, and the tree is adjacent to a sidewalk.  You can see in the photo a couple broken, hanging limbs.  For safety reasons this tree needs to be removed.   … Read more


In conjunction with the Senior CA’s, and the Sustainability Office, a new tree has been planted in the Fauver/Bennet Courtyard.  If you follow this blog regularly, which I’m sure you do, you would know that an Ash tree had fallen victim to the dreaded Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) just last year in this location.  The … Read more

August 2019

Foss 9 – Sugar Maple – This Tree is about 50% deadwood and hangs over a very busy sidewalk.   Foss 5 – Beech – This tree is in severe decline and is close to a sidewalk and the building.   VVO – Sugar Maple – This tree is in severe decline and needs to … Read more

June 2019

Emerald Ash Borer – The following trees have fallen victim to the EAB.  They will be removed. 200 Church St   The CFA   28 Wyllys Ave   281 High St   Dutch Elm Disease – Dutch Elm has claimed another one of our beloved Elms.  This tree will be removed immediately. College Row   … Read more

February 2019

*Tree Planting* – Planning is underway to replace all the trees listed below.  When applicable, these trees will be replaced by a similar species in a close proximity.  Our hope is that, while we may lose one tree, we can bring it back to life somewhere else.   Foss Hill – Sugar Maple This Sugar … Read more