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August 2019

Foss 9 – Sugar Maple – This Tree is about 50% deadwood and hangs over a very busy sidewalk.


Foss 5 – Beech – This tree is in severe decline and is close to a sidewalk and the building.


VVO – Sugar Maple – This tree is in severe decline and needs to be removed


Butterfield – White Pines (2) – These 2 trees are in severe decline and need to be removed.


63 Home Ave – Ash – This tree is a victim of the Emerald Ash Borer.


256 High – Ash – Another victim of the Emerald Ash Borer.


Freeman Athletic Center – Norway Maple – Our athletic department has requested that this tree be removed.

June 2019

Emerald Ash Borer – The following trees have fallen victim to the EAB.  They will be removed.

200 Church St




28 Wyllys Ave


281 High St


Dutch Elm Disease – Dutch Elm has claimed another one of our beloved Elms.  This tree will be removed immediately.

College Row


Building Clearance – Honey Locust (2) – These 2 trees need to be removed for building clearance.

Foss 1

February 2019

*Tree Planting* – Planning is underway to replace all the trees listed below.  When applicable, these trees will be replaced by a similar species in a close proximity.  Our hope is that, while we may lose one tree, we can bring it back to life somewhere else.


Foss Hill – Sugar Maple

This Sugar Maple has been in decline for some time and needs to be removed.  The tree has lost numerous large limbs over the last few years, and is mostly hollow.


Power Plant – Sugar Maple and Ash

This sugar maple lost a few large limbs in the recent ice storm.  The loss of limbs alerted us to the fact that this tree in mostly dead, and needs to be removed.

This Ash tree shows an obvious presence of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).  As a result of EAB, the tree is dead and needs to be removed.


Shanklin/Hall-Atwater – Oak, Cedar, Norway Maple

This Oak has been in decline for many years, and needs to be removed.  The main leader has broken off, and there is an obvious amount of tip die-back.

This summer many of the sidewalks to the east of Shanklin and Hall-Atwater need to be replaced.  The Norway Maple and Cedar, shown in the picture below, are very close to the sidewalk and will be compromised by the construction.  They will need to be removed.


Malcolm X – Ash

This ash tree is almost completely hollow, and there are obvious signs of rot.  This tree needs to be removed.

December 2018

The following trees will have to be removed:

86 Lawn Ave – Red Maple

This tree is in decline and has repeatedly dropped dead branches.



157 Church St – 2 Norway Maples

Both of these trees are severe decline and need to be removed.



125 Mt. Vernon – Hemlock

This tree is dead and needs to be removed.



330 High St – 3 Ash

These trees have been severely damaged by the Emerald Ash Borer and need to be removed.



Olin Library – Honey Locust

This tree needs to be removed for several reasons.  The proximity to the adjacent sidewalk has created a tripping hazard.  The tree is also too close to the building.  Additionally, pending  construction work in the area will cause irreversible damage to the tree.



356 Washington St – Sugar Maple

This tree is in severe decline and needs to be removed.

November 2018

November 2018

The following trees have been flagged for removal. Many have fallen victim to the Emerald Ash Borer.  Others are likely the result of prolonged periods of drought over the past 3 years.


B-Lot – 2 Maples



C-Lot – 1 Maple



200 Church – Ash – Emerald Ash Borer



20 Lawn – Ash – Emerald Ash Borer, Maple



330 High – 3 Ash – Emerald Ash Borer



318 High – 1 Maple, 1 Pine



High Rise – 1 Maple, 5 Ash – Emerald Ash Borer


Freeman Athletic Center – 2  Birch, 5 Ash – Emerald Ash Borer



168 Cross – 2 Ash – Emerald Ash Borer



118 Knowles – Maple



324 Washington – Maple

EAB – November 2018

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) – EAB is making its presence known on our campus.  We are currently undertaking the removal of small Ash trees that have been damaged to a point of no return.  Below are a few examples of trees that are being removed.  Simultaneously, we will be treating a handful of larger Ash trees around campus that may have the potential to survive.  Fingers crossed, and as usual, we will attempt to plant a tree for every tree that is removed.

Fauver Courtyard

Freeman South

August 2018


The following trees will have to be removed.  There are many environmental factors in play including:

-Emerald Ash Borer

-Gypsy Moth Caterpillars

-Sustained periods of drought-like conditions over the past 3 years


As always, it will be our goal this Fall to replace every tree we remove, with a new planting.


Jackson Field – Ash

20 Lawn – Maple

34 Lawn – Ash and Maple

CFA Green – Ash and Maple (2)

330 High St – Ash and Japanese Maple

Shanklin – English Oak

65 Peal – Maple (2)

T-Lot – Maple

23 Woodman – Maple and Spruce

B-Lot – Beech

162 Church – Elm (2)

301 High – White Birch

Clark Hall – Tulip


June – 2018

330 High St – Ash

We are seeing an increase in the presence of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) on campus.  It seems this tree is a victim of EAB.

College Row – Elms (2)

It appears that we have 2 more victims to the dreaded Dutch Elm Disease.  We have been treating our elms annually to try and prevent Dutch Elm, but there is only so much we can do.  These 2 trees will be removed ASAP.  We will continue our planting of Hybrid Elms in an effort to continue to maintain, and build, our Elm population.

March – 2018

A strong wind and rain storm blew through campus on Friday, March 2nd.  Several trees were blown over, and some large branches were snapped off.  Below are a few images of trees we lost, as well as one large White Pine in the CFA, that suffered significant structural damage.

CFA – White Pine

A large leader off of this White Pine, snapped and fell in the strong winds.  The loss of the leader left the tree structurally compromised.  The tree was completely removed.  Plans are already in the works for a replacement.

November 2017

During a recent storm there was significant tree damage around campus.  Below are a few trees that were impacted during the storm.


Clark Hall – 

You can see from the photo that tree is leaning dramatically.  The root system on the tree was compromised, and is not safe to leave standing.


C-Lot – 

One of the two main leaders on this tree fell during the storm.  The remaining tree is unbalanced and will be removed for safety.


163 High St –

This tree has been in decline for some time, and lost another leader in the storm.  All signs indicate the tree has deteriorated beyond saving.


344 Washington St – 

These trees are in serious decline, and stand between two residences.  After noticing a few limbs that fell in the storm, we investigated further and found that they need to be removed entirely.

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