Sewer Emergency

This magnolia has been growing into the sewer line to 65 Home Ave for some time, and has now blocked and broken the line. The tree has been removed to allow the sewer line to be replaced.

C-Lot Maple

Another in a long list of dead and dying trees this year. We will remove this before it becomes a greater liability.

VVO-Foss 7

This tree on the bank between VVO and Foss Hill 7 has been losing branches for years. Now the center is dead, and we will remove the tree this spring or summer.

Court St. Apartments

While pruning other trees in the area, this tree came to our attention as a potential problem for vehicles in this lot. We will plan to remove the tree this summer.

Take Downs Spring 2007

This maple is next to and over an area that is heavily used by both student pedestrians and vehicle operators. It has lost much of it’s support structure, and needs to come down very soon. Planned for summer removal if the condition does not deteriorate further.