Weeping Beech

This weeping beech was disturbed while amending the parking lot, and is dying. It will be taken down to prevent damage to persons or property.

Exit Tree

This tree at the exit of lot “T” is in it’s final stages, and will be removed.

A Positive Note:

The fall season is here, and the leaves are falling. This is just a memo to the Wesleyan community that we do not waste the leaves. They are trucked to a composting farm in Middlefield, to be turned into new soil and reused. The flower pots around campus are changed with the seasons, and this … Read more

Take Downs

Due to unsafe conditions, this tree will be removed. It is at 279 Court St.

Another Take Down

11 Fairview – this maple is dropping deadwood in an area where children play. It has been deemed a hazard, and will be removed.

Roof Hazard

This beech has been saved and pruned many times, and now must be removed to allow a new roof to be applied.