This evergreen is in a poor location. We have cleaned out around it in an attempt to save the tree, but it still is losing health and vigor, and keeps the wall of the building moist, promoting mold and mildew. For the health of the people and the building, we will remove the tree.

Poor Old Apple Tree!

This tree has been deteriorating from the inside out, and there is very little left except a shell. We will take this tree down before it falls on a student.

Russell House Backyard

The old apple trees in the Russell House back yard continue to decline. The deadwood is becoming a safety risk and must be removed. By diminishing the tree system beyond a sustainable amount, the tree must come down.

40 Home Ave

What started as a trimming job turned into a removal, when it was discovered that this large red maple had become dangerous to persons and property. It’s proximity to the house makes removal a challenge, and an immediate concern. This tree will be removed at once.

Planting Anything on Campus?

If anyone is interested in planting anything on campus, they must first get authorization from Facilities. Please send an e-mail to, with a location and planting plan, to start the process. Each request will be studied, and, if the area meets the plans of the University (landscape masterplan), authorization will be granted. Factors to … Read more

New Neighbor

The new neighbor on Mansfield Terrace is going to remove an English walnut tree from her new property. While she has a crew there, she will remove a declining ash from our 5 Huber Manor property that hangs over her fence, at no cost to the University.

New Path

We have finally gotten permission to install the walking/jogging path from the Cross St Fire House to the sidewalk on Wadsworth St. It should start to be installed the week of 10/16/06. This will make traveling Long Lane much safer.

Planted Trees

Three accolade cherries, planted at East Asian Studies. The trees were donated by an alum to help enhance the expanded East Asian Studies building.