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Monthly Archive for May, 2008

Take Downs

Due to unsafe conditions, this tree will be removed. It is at 279 Court St.

Another Take Down

11 Fairview – this maple is dropping deadwood in an area where children play. It has been deemed a hazard, and will be removed.

Dead Tree on Cross

This dead maple will be removed before it falls down.

New Housing on Fountain

This tree is in the way of a new housing unit, and will be removed.

19 Fountain Housing Footprint

This tree will be removed to make way for a new housing unit on Fountain Ave.

Roof Hazard

This beech has been saved and pruned many times, and now must be removed to allow a new roof to be applied.

New Housing on Fountain (cont.)

Another removal for progress.

This tree also has to come down. Two of the four removals are needed because of space and health.

Broken Larch in CFA

This large larch was broken by the wind this week, and needs to be removed ASAP. It cannot remain like this for another storm. It is located near Zilkha Gallery.